William J. Means

William Means

William Means

William J. Means (1853-1929) has been credited with combining the Starling-Ohio Medical College (SOMC) and The Ohio State University in 1914. He graduated from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery with his MD in 1874. He was on the staff of the Ohio Medical University (1892-1906) and SOMC (1907-1914), and was made Dean of SOMC (1909-1914). He became the first Dean of the OSU College of Medicine in 1914 and was Chair and Professor in the Department of Surgery until 1916.

Means Hall was built in 1951 and was officially named William J. Means Hall in 1968. It functioned first as a Tuberculosis Hospital and then as an office building until 2009 when it was demolished.

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