Science and Engineering Library to become the “18th Avenue Library”

The former Science and Engineering Library has a new name beginning March 18.

Director of Libraries Carol Diedrichs announced that the facility would now be officially known as the 18th Avenue Library.  The name change was approved by the university’s Board of Trustees late last year.

Library staff have changed the system’s electronic records to reflect the name change.  Customers using the Libraries catalog will now see “18th Ave” in the location information if an item is located at the 18th Avenue Library.

The library, at 175 West 18th Avenue, serves a multitude of roles for the university community.  In addition to science materials, the library is also home to the system’s music and dance collection and provides the services of the Terra Byte Café.  The 18th Avenue Library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The 18th Avenue name represents the first time a central campus library has been labeled based on its physical location,” Diedrichs said. “This will make the library easier to find for new students and researchers visiting the campus.”

The Libraries’ director said the 18th Avenue name removes the limitations that come from basing a name on the collections a library contains.

“The evolution of electronic publishing and other service enhancements will continue to change the nature of our collections,” Diedrichs said. “The location-based name will help move us away from the notion that an individual library’s resources are limited to those covered by the name of the facility.”

The library received a facelift earlier this year, with new tables and chairs to accommodate more than 1,000 people.  The new furniture also provides more convenient access to power to accommodate mobile devices, and includes group work stations in the lower level of the building.

Future enhancements to the building include a potential renovation of the first floor as well as the building’s restrooms.

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