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**Cross-posted, with minor changes, to The Lib Pub.**

I wanted to share a presentation on library publishing I gave recently as part of a series on scholarly communication issues organized by Craig Gibson.  The goal of the presentation was to give the subject specialists enough of a background in library publishing and our particular program to make them effective liaisons and partners. The interview with Jose Diaz centered on a new publication we have been developing in partnership with the Center for Latin American Studies.

The Prezi is not fully stand-alone, as it was meant to accompany a talk. If you have questions about anything, feel free to leave a comment or email me. The presentation is reusable, so you’re welcome to copy or adapt it as you like. [If the embed isn't working, you can view the Prezi here.]

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I am the Digital Publishing Librarian at The Ohio State University Libraries. I work with our institutional repository and our open access publishing program, and am broadly interested in the fields of scholarly communication and digital humanities.

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