Ryan Langhurst and Wes Boomgaarden provided this update for the Renovation Committee, which provides a great summary about the current status of the of several aspects of the project.

*We are in month 26 of the 27-month project. Continues to be on time.

*Construction trailers will all be removed from the site by March 19. Acock staff have moved into room 19 of the Thompson Library. Turner-Smoot staff will move into group study rooms on Level G on Monday, March 16.

*Construction fence will be removed around April 15.

*Commisioning (physical systems testing) will be completed by end of March.

*Life safety inspections have been completed, with one additional step to be taken after the new bronze doors are installed by the end of March on the Oval entry.

*Training of FOD staff about the new systems is scheduled. Mark Moziejko and Duke Morgan will attend selected portions.

*Fireplace in room 202 is functional.

Occupancy: On schedule to take occupancy May 1. Duke Morgan has arranged to have a presence in the building on the morning of May 1, complete with security students.

Wayfinding: EyeThink has submitted wayfinding specifications to FOD for bids. We have until March 31 to change locations and names for signs and directories.

Donor recognition: EyeThink is working with Development and Acock.

Move vendor contract: In process with FOD and Purchasing; expecting selection by March 16. One vendor has been recommended to move special collections, general collections and existing offices and files. We expect/hope the move will begin May 18 and end in early August.

Move planning:
*Business Library move: Contract mover will move all remaining materials. Aim is to clear the Business Library of all Library-owned materials by June 30.
*Bound journals: Will be housed beginning with “A” on Deck 2; completed on Deck 2M. Each volume will have a label indicating “Journals Stacks.” Sullivant bound volumes are being marked now; Ackerman and Business later.
*Next: Lots more planning and coordination after a move vendor is on board.

Technology support:
*Ohio Valley AV — our vendor for the flat-screen / LCD devices, for video conferencing, microphones, etc. — will walk through the building with Library and OIT personnel on March 20 to do final siting work and connectivity checks in the Library building. They will install all devices in June.
*Public printers and multi-function devices: Draft of their locations on levels G through 4 has been reviewed. Next: Identifying office area printers and MFDs.

*Gift shop is replaced by Buckeye Bar: Executive Committee approved the re-purposing of room 60A (Gift Shop) to a satellite of OIT’s “Buckeye Bar”. CIO administration has showed enthusiasm for the placement. The Buckeye Bar will assist visitors with computer problems (viruses, access, hardware, etc.), as they do from their main location in the basement of the Central Classroom Building. They will also loan laptops from this room. They will store laptops and other supplies and equipment in room 46A, the room between them and the Mail Room.

FF and E:
*Schooley-Caldwell Associates has developed a staging schedule for getting all new furnishings into Thompson beginning May 4 and through mid-August.
*Refurbishing of existing furniture has been contracted to two local firms, who will refurbish historic furnishings and nearly 550 of the 1970s Gunlocke chairs.
*Shelving is being installed in Special Collections stacks (room 10). Shelving installation throughout the stacks will begin after that, and will be completed by mid-April.
*A Schooley-Caldwell employee will be hired to be stationed in Thompson and to coordinate all incoming materials into the building, beginning in May.

CIO in Thompson Library: We have identified space for 10 offices and 4-5 workstations for CIO administration on levels 3 and 4, as outlined in our program of requirements (2005). Actual dates of their moves not yet set.

Percent for Art: Ann Hamilton’s expression will be installed during Spring Break of 2010. It could not be completed for installation this year.

Floor plaques that feature writing systems:The floor plaques are being installed into spaces left in the terrazzo flooring on Levels G and 1. Predrag Matejic (source of the idea) and Pam McClung (graphic artist who executed the files) are thinking about what succinct name this installation can have. Something akin to “Constants Plaza” near the Central Classroom Building. Any ideas? Send them to Pred, Pam or us.

Nike of Samothrace: The statue reproduction will be installed on its newly fabricated pedestal in the Grand Reading Room the week of April 20. A donor supported this acquistion, which is a replacement for the original class gift to the Library (Class of 1892).

*Neil Avenue gate access has required a few changes to allow campus bus turning. Nearly completed.

*Sphinx Plaza won’t receive any upgrade prior to the end of the project. That group couldn’t get the funds together for the site improvements they wanted.

*Tours of Thompson Library for future occupants who have yet to visit: to be arranged for late March and into April and maybe May. The Library building will be fully occupied on opening day.

*Punch list: April will be used for the Associate Architect (Acock) to complete the building’s “punch list” with the CM (Turner).

*Still no more definite “opening day” for Thompson.

Tech Center: We thought we had a lock on Sullivant Hall, but this has been placed on hold by University Administration. Acock Associates has progressed into design-development phase.

Party: Mark your calendar for the August 22 celebratory event.