Regional campuses cataloging management

The Ohio State University has six campuses, namely, (1) Agricultural Technical Institute (Wooster) or ATI, (2) Columbus, (3) Lima, (4) Mansfield, (5) Marion, (6) Newark, with Columbus as the central campus. The OSU Libraries’ Cataloging Department is responsible for cataloging all materials acquired by either campus library.


  • Two staff members at Cataloging Department are responsible for regional campus libraries cataloging. One of them catalogs all books, and the other non-book formats (DVD movies, music score etc.). However, both of them will be back-up if one is not available, in case of rush or other needs.
  • Sherab Chen acts as the coordinator for regional campus libraries cataloging.


1. Sending surrogates for cataloging

  • Regional campus libraries scan or photocopy to make surrogates, and send/share these surrogates to/with the corresponding cataloger, via either online album, email or snail mail;
  • Notice the cataloger the availability of surrogates for cataloging.
  • Note: Due to being in separate locations and complex mail handling situation, we will only request for the actual piece when it is absolutely necessary; this is to prevent any loss/mishandling during deliverance and shipment.

2. After cataloging

  • The responsible cataloger will email and let the libraries know that their request are done, immediately after finishing cataloging.

In case actual piece being handled

  • Print clear and easy identifying label on the envelop for sending book to regional campus library.
  • Inform both LTC and Thompson Mail Services units about regional campus books needing special handling.


Regional campuses Actual piece Surrogates by mail Surrogates via email Sharing online album
ATI Only if needed No No Yes
LIMA No Yes Not yet
Marion before 10/12 No Yes
Mansfield Yes No Not yet

Click here for how to use Picasa to share cataloging surrogates!

  • We also welcome to the use of any other popular online photo sharing programs, such as Flickr!
  • It’s efficient; it’s fun; and it’s friendly to the environment!

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